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We carry the craftsmanship of the fourth generation luthier family.

The beginnings
Max Franke, my great grandfather was born in Germany

1st Generation
Great – grandfather Max Franke born 27.03.1880 in Kuestrin – 29.12.1965 in Leipzig ( junior brother from Paul Franke 1876 – 1947 also violinmaker in Nuernberg)
-Max Franke studied violin making in Otto Jaeger Frankfurt/Oder Germany from Year 1894-1898
-Between 1898 – 1900 he worked in the workshop of Heinrich Kessler (Mannheim) and Richard Heberlein (Nuernberg)
-He was the first assistant of Albin Wilfer in Leipzig from 1900 – 1921
-On 1st April 1921 he started his own business in Leipzig.
- His works has been awarded on numerous occasions. In 1938, he won the gold medal in a competition competing with all the violinmakers from all over Germany.

His invaluable working experience in different workshops had earned him adroit skill in restoring stringed instruments. New stringed instruments made by him, namely violins, viola, cello and da gamba are also in great demand.
His four sons Rodolf, Herbert, Bernhard and Joachim did the apprenticeship with him. That provided a firm foundation for a dynasty of violinmaker family.

2nd Generation
First son: Rudolf Franke 1908-1977
He had his workshop in Wiesbaden, his son Michael Franke then took over the the business.
Second son: Herbert Franke 1909-1994
He had his workshop in Mannheim. Upon retirement, Thomas Upoff took over the business. His son Lothar Franke (1932-2002) settled down his workshop in Darmstatt. Upon retirement, his son Joerg Franke who was born in 1963 took over the business.
Third son: Bernhard Franke 1919-1993
He had his workshop in Stuttgard. Upon his retirement, Autvant Miller took over the shop.
Fourth son: Joachim Franke born 2nd Feb 1926
He took over the workshop in Leipzig from his father in 1959.

3rd Generation
Wolfgang Franke (Son of Joachim Franke)
Wolfgang Franke was born on 6th Feb 1951 1965-1968 apprenticeship with his father Joachim. 1974 Wolfgang settle down his own business. On 05.11.1978 Andreas Franke, the son of Wolfgang was born.

4th Generation
Andreas Franke