Steeped in the deepest traditions of violin-making, Franke Violin was established in 1921 by Max Franke in Leipzig, Germany. In 2009, his Great-Grandson, Andreas Franke established the Franke Violin workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. His aim has been to maintain a workshop of the highest European standards, and has since become recognised by musicians and music lovers in Asia as providing the highest standards for repair, restoration, sound adjustments and trading of fine instruments and bows.

     The workshop is frequently visited by top orchestral musicians from around the region and from orchestras such as the Bangkok Symphony, Singapore Symphony, Thailand and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestras.

     We stock and maintain a wide range of instruments, bows, and accessories for beginner to soloist level and guarantee absolute satisfaction for whichever level you are seeking. Our instruments and workmanship are of a quality which will inspire the highest level of enjoyment from music making.

     You are welcome to visit our shop in Bangkok anytime, or it is also possible to make an appointment to meet with Andy on one of his frequent trips around Asia.

     We look forward to meeting you soon!